Efficient Tech Computer Services

We are a small-to-medium business IT specialist business based in Hamilton, New Zealand. We work with you to effectively develop and manage cost-effective IT solutions for your small-to-medium business. Here's how we can help you improve your business IT:

Setting it up

We can set up computer systems that do what you want, how you want it. Servers, workstations, remote access, cloud access, we can accomodate anything you need to make your business run more smoothly and achieve the goals you set!

Looking after what's already there

We can troubleshoot, analyse and maintain all kinds of business IT systems from one computer up to sites with multiple workstations, laptops and server systems. We have had many years of experience with Windows and Linux systems, as well as comprehensive knowledge of networking and IT security systems. Your peace of mind, along with your easy-to-use and smoothly working systems are our concern.

Planning for the future

We can discuss your needs with you and help you pick the computers and systems that best suit you for now and your the future. We can get in the exact system that you need to achieve what you want in your business, without the hassle.

Efficient Tech - Optimum computing solutions - we like it when you succeed in your business!